Distance Learning Creates Pathways for eVersity Students

One false narrative of online coursework is the way it tends to isolate students and prohibit group interaction. But according to University of Arkansas System eVersity instructor Caitlin Howe, those problems are minimized through the 100 percent-online institution’s structure and mode of communication. “If you’re in the classroom you have more teacher-student interaction. That can […]

eVersity Student Makes Good on Promise to Dad

Cindy Williams has always been a reliable finisher. From providing for her two children as a single mother to managing the affairs of Trinity Episcopal Church in Pine Bluff for the past 20 years, everyone has always been able to count on her keeping her word and delivering on her promises. So when she promised […]

eVersity Student: Four States, Two Decades, One Long Educational Journey

People often say they’d go a million miles for what they really want in life. Robert Gillum proved that’s true. While not technically traveling a million miles, his journey to a long-awaited degree covered four states, more than two decades and a handful of professional jobs. “I finally got that $30,000 piece of paper,” he […]

eVersity Inspires and Enables Student’s Drive Toward a Degree

The first time Sarah Stashuk applied to the University of Arkansas System eVersity it was for a job, for which she was denied due to her lack of a degree. The second time she applied, it was to get that degree. “Back in September of 2017, I was looking at job opportunities across the country […]

Student Finds eVersity an Easy Way to Expand Career Options

In many ways, Carrie Shisler doesn’t fit the mold of the typical eVersity student. After all, the successful career woman and mother of two already had a degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. “I do have a bachelor’s degree and it is in sign language interpreting,” she said. “I was interested in […]

Student Credits eVersity for ‘Reinvigorating’ Love for Learning

As chief operations officer for the Arkansas Community Action Agencies Association, Terry Bearden spends her days helping nonprofit organizations serve their constituents more efficiently. She loves knowing that her work helps people improve their lives and that of their families, chipping away at the cycle of poverty and all the problems that it brings. Simply […]

Employers: Check Out the Many Benefits of an eVersity Alliance

Companies are only as good as the people making it happen. As an employer, investing in your employees is one of the most sure-fire ways to help attract and keep a high-quality workforce to ensure a bright future for your company. An educated and highly skilled workforce can be linked to happy and healthy employees, […]

Professor Says Convenience Growing the eVersity Opportunity

As a Biology professor at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff (UAPB), Nastassia Merriweather is accustomed to breaking things down to their most elemental components and demonstrating how systems within an organism function to support each other. Asked to similarly dissect the University of Arkansas System eVersity, where she also teaches, she said the program’s […]

Finishing College Pays Off for IT Professional

LaTonya Cockrell’s first pass at a bachelor’s degree got her within sight of the finish line. But it took discovering the University of Arkansas System eVersity to get her the last few yards. Cockrell, a native of Springfield, Ark., earned an associate’s degree from what is now University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton (UACCM), […]

Little Rock Pastor Has Faith in eVersity

To witness Cai Lane now is to see a man doing precisely what he was put on this Earth to do. As Discipleship Pastor with Little Rock’s Mosaic Church, he matches the energy of the young people he’s tasked to lead, sometimes through faith and sometimes through music. You’d never know the Alabama native is […]

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