Family Matters: Education in the Home Boosted with Partnership

Educated households equate to stronger families and communities, which is what led the University of Arkansas System eVersity to a group of administrators trying to impact more than 5,000 families in the state. The Arkansas Home Visiting Network, an off-campus department of Arkansas Children’s Hospital that promotes home visiting services to Arkansas families during pregnancy […]

We’ve Rearranged Our Schedule To Fit Yours

APPLY TODAY Don’t have time to finish that degree you once started? Think again.  At the University of Arkansas System eVersity, we do things a lot differently than most institutions. We know you have families, work, duties at home and soccer practices for the kids to balance. In fact, life getting in the way is the leading […]

Earn More Than $1 Million More Over Your Lifetime

Fill out an easy, quick application at no cost and restart your life today: APPLY If you could earn more than $1 million more throughout your lifetime by simply finishing something you once started, what would be holding you back?  Statistics show those who earned a college degree not only have a higher earning potential, but […]

What’s Inside This Cabin Will Change Your Life

How does a quaint, drafty, mid-19th century log cabin nestled into one of Little Rock’s oldest neighborhoods hold the state-of-the-art secret to changing lives? You might be surprised to learn that a brand-new, cutting-edge university was conceived from the ground up and is being run within the walls of this old cabin in the woods. […]