About eVersity

A University of Arkansas System Education
Entirely Online

The newest member of the University of Arkansas System, eVersity was established by the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees in March 2014. Recognized by the Arkansas Division of Higher Education, eVersity is the only 100% online University of Arkansas System institution.

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But eVersity is more than just another university. From the ground up, we have designed eVersity with students in mind. Our programs of study are affordable, accessible, and prepare students to advance in many of the most vibrant industries in our economy. Courses are developed and taught by seasoned University of Arkansas System faculty, so eVersity students have access to the same high-quality courses and degree programs that are associated with the University of Arkansas System brand.

We recognize that life is complex and free time is precious. Sometimes universities get in the way of students doing their best college work. We like to say “College should be hard, but going to college should be easy.” What we mean is this — class should be rigorous and demanding and students should expect to be challenged to work hard and to grow intellectually. But the process of going to college — from applying, to receiving help understanding a difficult concept, to graduation — should be easy. That is the goal of eVersity. To provide a simple, easy learning environment that allows our students to focus on what matters most — learning, growing, and graduating. 


The Mission of eVersity is to provide high-quality, accessible, affordable, online education relevant to the modern workplace. Qualified faculty develop and deliver rigorous certificate and degree programs that utilize rich data analytics to enhance student success and achievement. The university is committed to continual improvement of the craft of teaching through practice and scholarship and to serving our public communities by providing timely, interesting, and useful educational material.

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Core Values

High-Quality Education

Highly-engaging and designed for online students, our career-ready courses are taught by University of Arkansas System faculty, so any direction you go leads toward an accredited degree and the opportunities that come with it. 


At eVersity, you focus on one course every six weeks. And of course, it’s all online, so you can easily clock out of your job and log in to your career. With seven start dates per year, back to school can happen in any season.


At $175/credit hour, your tuition price — one of the lowest in the U.S. — is the full price. No additional fees. Not even for text books. And you pay as you go, so you don’t have to worry about a large, upfront cost.


Our focus is on high-demand, workplace-relevant degrees that deliver the skills employers require for you to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. 


It’s our job to help you reach your goals. Through personalized coaching and a supportive learning environment, we start by getting to know you so we can tailor our support to meet your unique learning needs.