The Power of Partnership

Investing in employees is one of the most impactful things employers can do for their company. It helps them attract and keep quality employees to help lead their business into the future. A partnership with eVersity is an opportunity to ensure that companies are equipped with the right tools for healthy growth and success. It’s more than a sound employee development strategy — it’s a sound business decision. Together, we can effectively support your talent management, control costs and create mutually beneficial partnership incentives. eVersity helps make employee education more affordable by rethinking the entire process from application to graduation, which helps us offer meaningful incentives to our business partners. We’ve created a more affordable and flexible way to get your employees the career-ready education they can use at a cost you can handle. Contact us at

What's in it for you?

  • Affordable tuition, minimizing reimbursement costs
  • Work/school scheduling flexibility 
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Return on employee investment
  • Degrees relevant to your business
  • Increased talent pool
Workforce-Relevant Education

Workforce-Relevant Education

Our goal is to ensure students receive specific knowledge in their chosen field and the career competencies that help them advance, and your business succeed. These skills include critical-thinking, group-work, and communications, among many others. As we geared up to launch the University of Arkansas System eVersity, we listened to employers’ needs and responded with the degree plans and training necessary to ensure a healthy, vibrant future for the employee and your business.

In today's highly competitive workplace, employers increasingly view a college degree as a minimum job qualification. But career advancement now takes more than a diploma and GPA. We intentionally designed eVersity to provide students with career competencies that employers have told us are necessary to be successful. For every course, we identify which career competencies are emphasized and place this information on transcripts. When students graduate, their transcripts not only show the degree earned and grade point average, but also show employers that our graduates have the skills to make immediate contributions to their employer.

  • Problem SolvingA key aspect of most occupations is largely about solving problems and meeting challenges. Employees skilled at defining the scope of a problem, researching and designing a solution, and implementing and evaluating the results are highly sought after team members.
  • Effective CommunicationToday’s employee is expected to communicate at a high level. This requires honing the skills to listen, write, speak and present to individuals, groups and as part of teams. Effective communicators are valued for the critical role they play in articulating the mission and value of their employer.
  • Ethical Decision MakingWork situations are frequently made more complex by the need to account for nuances and special circumstances. In these situations, employers desire a trusted colleague who is capable of making principled, responsible and ethical decisions.
  • TeamworkThe ability to work with and contribute to a team is highly valued by employers. Strong team members learn to leverage the strength of individual members, minimize individual weakness and build a consensus that is stronger than the efforts of any single individual.
  • LeadershipEmployees who step forward, at the right moment, to solve problems are prized in the workplace. Leaders know how to inspire, influence, manage and execute to meet a stated objective or vision.
  • Appreciation of DiversityOur world is multi-dimensional and employers seek team members who embrace the uniqueness of all individuals. Employees who value diverse backgrounds are able to eliminate personal biases and be tolerant of others.
  • Quantitative LiteracyIncreases in workplace data create pressure to work smarter, more efficiently, more effectively and at higher levels of productivity — metrics that all require measurement, data collection and analysis. Employers seek individuals equipped with quantitative literacy skills that can help their business perform at a high level.
  • CreativitySolutions in today’s rapidly changing workplace often require creative, innovative, multi-perspective approaches. Employees able to leverage their creative talents are of tremendous value to employers.

Education By The Numbers

Keeping an eye on the job market to benefit both employers and their employees is a top priority at eVersity. If you are an employer and have specific needs for training or education, we’d love to hear from you.

  • 71% of employers would rather develop current staff into management roles versus hire from the outside
  • 78% of employees said they’d remain with their employer if they saw a career path through furthering education
  • 76% of employers offer tuition assistance or reimbursement programs
  • 57% of employees don’t know whether or not employers offer tuition assistance or reimbursement
  • 356K Arkansans have some college but no credential or degree
  • $2,400 · Increasing employee education and training investment by 10 percent can increase profits by this much per employee annually
Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Degrees from the University of Arkansas System eVersity have been built with close ties to many of today’s most in-demand industries, including business, criminal justice, healthcare management and information technology. Our areas of study define a clear path forward for students and open up more doors after degree completion.

  • BusinessFrom ownership of a small business to employment at national and international businesses, eVersity can help obtain skills in areas such as accounting, marketing, management and economics, among others.
  • Criminal JusticeThrough a multi-disciplinary approach, eVersity equips criminal justice graduates with marketable job skills in police practice and management, juvenile justice and the legal system.
  • Healthcare ManagementIn the rapidly growing and dynamic field of healthcare management, careers in clinic management and healthcare leadership are within reach with an eVersity education.
  • Information TechnologyWith a career-oriented curriculum covering everything from computer maintenance to development and data mining, eVersity can open doors to a wide range of opportunities in information technology.
  • University StudiesFor students seeking a well-rounded general education suitable for a variety of careers, eVersity offers University Studies. Develop the skills most important to employers such as critical-thinking, communication and problem solving.

Today’s Working Learner

With 356,000 Arkansans who have some college and no degree, chances are some of these former students are working within your company. Research shows that an overwhelming majority of employers find it more productive to educate, train and develop from within their workplace for leadership roles. This is where eVersity can help.

You might be thinking that in addition to a busy workload, your employees also have families and busy lives that might make the additional responsibility of going to school difficult. They’re not alone. In fact, as much as 75 percent of today’s college students have attributes that put them into the category of nontraditional. Whether they have dependents, are employed full time or started college at one time and did not earn a degree, the majority of today’s students demand a higher education experience that is tailored to their busy lives.

Our approach to student success begins with recognizing how hectic life can be, and then tailoring a student experience around that. We take time at the beginning of the education process to understand what students want to accomplish - how they learn, the unique pressures they face and the individualized support they need. We work with students to develop an academic plan that includes the courses they need to finish a degree and a financial plan that includes available financial and a budget to pay for their entire degree. Throughout their time at eVersity, we support and mentor students as they work toward earning a degree, with each completed course adding value to your business.

The eVersity Difference

The eVersity Difference

Forget whatever opinions you might have already formed about online learning. At the University of Arkansas System eVersity, we pride ourselves on being different from other universities – from the application process through graduation. Building a new university from the ground up has allowed us to put in place innovative best practices and eliminate traditional barriers that frequently prevent students from earning their degrees. The result is a university that delivers high-quality, affordable, and workforce-relevant degrees where student success is our highest priority.

Rethink College

  • All of our classes are taught by University of Arkansas System faculty
  • We’ll track down official transcripts for students at no cost
  • E-books provided at the click of a button
  • No traditional fees
  • Tuition is affordable at $175 per credit hour
  • Easy application process
  • Seven start dates throughout the year
  • The state’s only 100 percent-online university

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