Criminal Justice

Upholding The Honor To Serve and Protect

As the need for public safety continues to grow, so do the opportunities for a variety of careers in criminal justice. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, eVersity equips criminal justice graduates with marketable job skills in police practice and management, juvenile justice, and the legal system. Make an impact at the local, state, or federal level by learning to uphold and enforce the laws that protect lives.

Professional Paths

eVersity’s Professional Path is focused on getting you into the workplace as quickly as possible. The numbers below represent totals required to graduate with each certificate or degree. Please note, certificates of proficiency and technical certificates are not stand-alone paths, and are embedded within the associate’s and bachelor’s degree paths as milestones, not destinations. Also, these numbers assume no transferring credit, so your totals may be lower if you have applicable prior credit. Courses in the Professional Path build on each other, giving you the opportunity to advance from one certificate or degree to the next.  
Associate of Science
Criminal Justice
  • 20 Courses
  • 20 Six-Week Sessions
  • 60 Hours
Bachelor of Science
Criminal Justice
  • 40 Courses
  • 40 Six-Week Sessions
  • 120 Hours

Professional Path 2

Certificate of Proficiency
Criminal Justice
  • 6 Courses
  • 6 Six-Week Sessions
  • 16 Hours
Technical Certificate
Law Enforcement
  • 9 Courses
  • 9 Six-Week Sessions
  • 25 Hours