Career Competencies

Skills Beyond A Diploma

In today’s highly competitive workplace, employers increasingly view a college degree as a minimum job qualification. Advancing your career now takes more than a diploma and GPA. 

eVersity has been intentionally designed to provide you with career competencies that employers have told us are necessary to be successful. For every course, we identify which career competencies are emphasized and place this information on your transcript. When you graduate, your transcript not only shows the degree you earned and your grade point average, but also shows employers that you have the skills to help them be successful in the global economy. 

eVersity Career Competencies

Problem Solving

A key aspect of most occupations is largely about solving problems and meeting challenges. Employees skilled at defining the scope of a problem, researching and designing a solution, and implementing and evaluating the results are highly sought after team members. 

Effective Communication

Today’s employee is expected to communicate at a high level. This requires honing the skills to listen, write, speak and present to individuals, groups and as part of teams. Effective communicators are valued for the critical role they play in articulating the mission and value of their employer. 

Ethical Decision Making

Work situations are frequently made more complex by the need to account for nuances and special circumstances. In these situations, employers desire a trusted colleague who is capable of making principled, responsible and ethical decisions. 


The ability to work with and contribute to a team is highly valued by employers. Strong team members learn to leverage the strength of individual members, minimize individual weakness, and build a consensus that is stronger than the efforts of any single individual. 


Employees who step forward, at the right moment, to solve problems are prized in the workplace. Leaders know how to inspire, influence, manage, and execute to meet a stated objective or vision. 

Appreciation of Diversity

Our world is multi-dimensional and employers seek team members who embrace the uniqueness of all individuals. Employees who value diverse backgrounds are able to eliminate personal biases and be tolerant of others. 

Quantitative Literacy

Increases in workplace data create pressure to work smarter, more efficiently, more effectively, and at higher levels of productivity – metrics that all require measurement, data collection and analysis. Employers seek individuals equipped with quantitative literacy skills that can help their business perform at a high level. 


Solutions in today’s rapidly changing workplace often require creative, innovative, multi-perspective approaches. Employees able to leverage their creative talents are of tremendous value to employers.