How Online Learning Works

The Degree You Want. The Convenience You Need.

While an online education gives you the flexibility to do things on your own terms, eVersity will never leave you to figure things out on your own. Our approach to student success begins first with our own learning process — getting to know you. We take time at the beginning of your education process to understand what you want to accomplish, how you learn, the unique pressures you face and the individualized support you need. We call this process “eVersity Engage” and it’s the first course you complete when you enroll. At the conclusion, you have an academic plan that includes the courses you need to complete and a financial plan that outlines a path to pay for your degree. We will also have a better understanding of how to mentor you while completing your degree. Another aspect of our approach is time. We know you’re busy and school isn’t your only activity each day. That’s why we want to make the most of the time you can dedicate to your education. By focusing on one course at a time, for six weeks, and taking a week off before starting the next course, you don’t have the added pressure of trying to learn too much in too little time. eVersity was founded on the commitment that we will do everything we can to help you succeed and reach your educational goals. So, are you ready to rethink college? See how easy it is to go from application to graduation.

Application to Graduation


Applying to eVersity is as simple as finding the career-ready degree you’re after and answering just a few quick questions. From there, eVersity staff will help determine if you have transferrable credits, assist with financial aid options and help you register for your first eVersity course — eVersity Engage.

Set Up Tech Requirements

Through our learning management system, Blackboard, eVersity brings the classroom to you — anytime, anywhere. To be fully operational, you should have the following:
  • Desktop computer or laptop with webcam and microphone (tablets and cell phones are not recommended for coursework and Chromebook devices may not allow for the installation of additional software required for specific classes)
  • Broadband network connection (Cable or DSL) with 512 Kbsp (0.5 Mbps) or higher download speed
  • Any one of the following internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer is not a supported browser.
See All Technology Requirements Details

Access Courses

From a centralized dashboard, MyBlackboard gives you one-click access to your courses, grades, updates, posts and more. Once you create a profile, learning becomes more collaborative by putting you in touch with others taking your same course. And don’t worry about missing updates from your instructor. You can customize your settings to receive automatic notifications.

Submit Assignments

Submitting assignments online is as easy as handing in a paper in a classroom. Instructors provide information such as due date, points possible and instructions and you either type directly into the Assignment tool or attach files. When you click “Submit,” your instructor is automatically notified and can begin grading your work and providing feedback. Check the Blackboard calendar for upcoming assignments and due dates to ensure you never miss a deadline.

Take Tests

Just like your coursework, taking tests is completed entirely online. Your instructor will determine how and when tests are to be completed, including whether or not you can reference course materials while taking tests. At eVersity, there’s never a need to visit a testing center or pay unnecessary proctoring fees.

Check Grades

Visit MyGrades in Blackboard to view your grade for the entire course or see individual grades for all assignments and tests. See upcoming assignments that need to be submitted for grading and read comments and feedback from your instructor.


eVersity’s flexibility doesn’t end with the online learning experience. You also have options for graduation. Once you’ve fulfilled all degree requirements, you can either receive your diploma by mail or walk in a traditional commencement ceremony.

Ready to rethink college?

Obtaining a college degree is one of the most important investments you can make in yourself. If you’re not sure that the benefits outweigh the costs, consider this: studies have shown that people who obtain a college degree earn approximately $1 million more in their lifetime than those with only a high school diploma. College graduates also have a lower unemployment rate — 2.8% compared to the nation’s overall rate of 5.7%. From affordable tuition to career-ready degrees, eVersity has been designed for your success. Get started towards the future you deserve.