Blackboard 101

All courses at eVersity are designed with a similar look and feel.  Key components include the course syllabus including all the information you need to know about your course along with a schedule of due dates.  Course materials and assessments are housed under the weekly folders link.  Watch the video below to learn more about navigating eVersity courses. The primary communication tools used by students in Blackboard include email, discussions and blogs.  All students are provided an email address and instructions for logging in after they are admitted. Learn more by clicking the links below:
  1. How to Send Email in Blackboard
  2. How to Use Blackboard Discussions
  3. Creating a Blog Entry
Students use a variety of tools to complete assessments in Blackboard. Students may be required to submit a file or complete a quiz as part of the assignment. Due dates for assignments are listed in the course schedule. Watch the videos below to learn more.