Financial Assistance

Options to
Improve Affordability

Central to our core values, we believe it is possible to provide access to a high-quality education that is within the financial means of working adults. However, even with eVersity’s low tuition, students may need financial assistance. Through eVersity Engage, the first course students take, we explore different resources for financial assistance, how to apply for assistance, how to receive funds, and what requirements must be met to remain eligible for additional funding. Together, we will help ensure you can afford to complete not just a single course, but your entire degree. 

Scholarships and Tax Credits

There are a variety of scholarships available with criteria ranging from academic requirements to financial need, specific talent awards, underrepresented groups in academic programs, ancestry connections, geographic focused, and many other criteria. Because there are many free scholarship search services available online, students should avoid any options that require a fee. Some of the common free scholarship searches used by students include,,, and Students who are self-financing their education may qualify for a tax credit to offset part of the expense. Learn more by reviewing publication 970.

Third-Party Tuition Assistance

Many employers support the continuing education of their employees and provide assistance in various ways. Some employers allow the university to directly bill the employer for the cost of tuition. Other employers require the student to pay the cost of tuition and then seek reimbursement after successfully completing the course. To learn more about the requirements and opportunities available, students should check with their employer, their spouse’s employer or even their parents’ employer.

Federal Student Aid

The University of Arkansas System eVersity is approved to participate in the federal Pell and Direct Loan programs. Students are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if they wish to use federal funds. Assistance in completing the FAFSA is provided by eVersity staff during the first eVersity Engage course, which students take and receive their first credit at no cost. Students must meet general eligibility requirements and remain enrolled making the prescribed academic progress to retain eligibility for future aid. Students should be familiar with the satisfactory academic progress policy and work with their academic success advisor to make good progress toward degree completion. If you are wanting to use federal aid, all official transcripts from all institutions must be on file regardless of whether or not aid was received at the school or whether or not any of the credits will be accepted in transfer.