Payment Information

A Simpler Approach
To Paying for College

Paying for college can be confusing. Normally, the student is faced with the cost of tuition, along with the added expense of books, a long list of fees for the library, technology, building maintenance, and so on. We believe a simpler approach is a better way to go. Tuition for eVersity is $175 per credit hour and that’s it. No book charges. No fees. Just one simple figure that can be used to calculate the cost of an education. 


Tuition Lock

Students admitted to eVersity are locked-in at the tuition rate of their first course for all remaining courses, provided the student remains continuously enrolled and makes progress toward their degree. We do this so that students can plan for how to pay their entire degree plan. This price lock only applies to courses that are part of the student’s degree program. If there happens to be a break in enrollment and a tuition change has taken place, the student will move to the new tuition rate.



Payment is due prior to the first day of class. Online payment options include credit card or direct payment from a checking or savings account. Students may also mail a check to pay the balance due, but choosing this option requires that the student allow time for receipt of the payment prior to the first day of class. Checks with insufficient funds do not constitute acceptable payment.


Refund Policy

Students are required to participate in the course by the fourth class day. Students who do not participate by engaging in an academic related course activity by the fourth day of classes will be administratively withdrawn with a full tuition refund. Students who withdraw prior to the fourth day of class will receive a 100 percent tuition refund. Students may withdraw from a class by contacting their academic success advisor. Under normal circumstances there will be no refunds after the fourth class day.