A Letter From Dr. Moore: You Inspire Me

A Letter From Dr. Moore: ‘You Inspire Me’

I’ll be brief because I know time is precious as you complete the last week of coursework in the current session at eVersity.

I want you to know how proud we are that you are completing this challenging session. Given the current uncertainty in the world, it’s admirable that you’re sticking with your educational plan and continuing to take steps towards graduation. When the world seemingly starts to fall apart around you, it’s tempting to get distracted and abandon hopes and dreams. You are to be applauded for staying the course and finishing strong.

Everyone on the eVersity team remains committed to your academic success. We want to do everything we can to help you succeed and continue to make progress. I sincerely hope that we’ll see you back next term. If, due to recent events, you are unsure about your finances and would like to talk to someone, please contact me and we will do whatever we can to assist you.

I’ll close by making two final points. First, when this country last experienced a major economic recession, the jobs in the new economy primarily went to individuals holding a college degree. The world will defeat this virus, and the economy will rebound, but will likely be different. The travel industry may never be the same as folks become accustomed to remote work and one can almost certainly expect increased jobs in the area of healthcare. My point is this – individuals holding college degrees will likely be hired earlier and at higher rates than those without degrees.

Second, there has been a lot of talk about colleges and universities “going online” in the midst of this pandemic. I know you can tell the quality and thoughtfulness that goes into creating an online course at eVersity. Months of work results in award-winning courses that place the student at the center. While we applaud the emergency efforts of our colleagues at other universities, the experience those students receive – for significantly more money – is far less than what you’re receiving at eVersity. We’re proud of our students and also of the quality of education we provide. If you know of others who are in search of an affordable, high-quality, 100 percent-online college, please encourage them to consider eVersity and apply at

Again, congratulations on sticking with it and completing your course. We look forward to working with you next session as you draw nearer to earning your degree.

Best wishes and stay safe and healthy,

Michael K. Moore, Ph.D.
Chief Academic/Operating Officer