Admissions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Admissions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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No additional funds are required for textbooks because those costs are built into every course. UA System eVersity uses OER. This means the materials are available online to the public under an intellectual property license that permits free use and re-purposing by others.
Applying for Aid (FAFSA) Consumer Tools for College FA Shopping Sheet Available Fincancial Aid Exit/Entrance Counseling Fraud Statement Terms & Conditions Penalty for Drug Law Violations Student Loan Info & Loan Code of Conduct Summary of Disclosures (how to obtain CI) Prohibition on the use of FA funds Private Loan Disclosures Verification Requirements
Ferpa Training HIPAA Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) Annual notice and training Computer Use Policy Agreements and FIle Sharing IT Resource Policy Risk Assessment / Management Policy Copyright Infringements/Policies and Sanctions (measure to educate community)
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention (Annual notice / training) Drug Free Workplace (Employees Only) (Annual Training) Emergency Management
To check your grades in Blackboard, access the Grade Book link from the course menu on the left side of the screen.
Journals are private messages that only the instructor and student can see. To create a journal entry, access the journal link from within the weekly folders. Select the “Create Journal Entry” button from top left of screen and then use the textbox editor to create your message.  Press submit to post the entry to your private journal.  Now your instructor can read, grade and provide comments.
To submit an assignment, click on the assignment link from within the weekly folders. The assignment drop box will open up and allow you to attach a file or submit your response in the text box.
All courses at eVersity are designed with a similar look and feel.  Key components include the course syllabus including all the information you need to know about your course along with a schedule of due dates.  Course materials and assessments are housed under the weekly folders link.  Watch the video below to learn more about navigating eVersity courses.  
To post to a discussion board, access the link via the course menu or from within the weekly folders. Select the create thread button from the top left menu.  A text editor will open up that allows you to create a message.  Press submit to post the message as a thread to the discussion board.  Others can reply to your message by clicking on the thread title and pressing reply.
We currently do not have scholarships, but there are a number of scholarship programs outside of eVersity. We will guide you to consider multiple financial resources during your first course with us, Engage.
No. This is another reason why eVersity has worked so hard to keep our tuition at one of the lowest rates in the country.
We hope to add prior learning assessments in the future, but we do not offer them at this time. Stay tuned and inquire with your advisor about this.
We currently do not offer the option to test out of a course. However, if you have taken a test before, perhaps at another institution, we will evaluate your scores to see if we can give you credit. Inquire with your academic success advisor if you have specific questions about previous tests you have taken or if you are considering a credit-by-exam opportunity.
Just like classes are different when offered face-to-face, each online class may be a little different. Sometimes faculty will make use of discussion boards; others may use blogs or video posts.
No one can guarantee you a job, however, we offer degrees that are in high demand by employers – healthcare management, information technology, criminal justice and business. We have also designed all of our degrees so that our courses provide you with the skills employers are seeking. The University Studies degree helps us make the best use of the credits you’ve already earned. We believe a degree from eVersity will make you very competitive in the workforce. Your academic transcript will include career competencies you’ve acquired within the eVersity courses you complete and will demonstrate what you have to offer prospective employers.
Sure. If you are a high school graduate and a resident of Arkansas, you can be admitted. We believe in giving students a fresh start. You academic success advisor will also talk about what happened before and make sure we have a strategy to do much better this time. We want you to succeed and earn a degree.
This is a difficult question to answer since each student studies and learns a little differently and some students grasp some subjects more quickly than others. Our data shows the highest student success to require  2-to-3 hours daily. We recommend that you log in frequently at first to get a feel for the course and then set your own pace as you get comfortable. Some weeks might take less effort than others.
Each faculty member will specify how they will interact with students. In most cases, you will interact through submitting course work, participating in discussion boards and completing group projects. You will also have direct access to faculty members through email and phone.
Each class lasts six weeks and is organized in learning modules. The modules vary in length, but they typically have learning materials such as lectures and reading materials and also an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned. The exact organization may vary from course to course, but all courses will be easy to navigate.
Some courses will require group work. Our faculty and staff determine if group work is an effective method of teaching the material and helping students learn. If group work is required, group members connect digitally.
The assignments will take different forms, depending on the course and the instructor. You may encounter quizzes, written projects, group work, discussion boards, kitchen labs and journaling. In short, you’ll experience the same sort of assignments that you would in a traditional face-to-face classroom.
Online courses offer many of the same challenges as face-to-face courses. You have to be prepared to engage with the material, you have to find time to study, and you need the discipline and commitment to do college-level work. Online courses do require you to be a bit more independent, they require you to be an advocate for yourself and ask questions when you need assistance, and they require you to have good time management skills so that you can manage the coursework along with the other obligations in your busy life. Finally, unlike face-to-face courses, you have a greater need for a reliable internet connection to enable you to stay engaged in the course and complete assignments timely.
Like face-to-face courses, each faculty member determines the grading method for their particular class. The grades you earn will be based on the quality of the work you submit.
All tests will be administered online. You will not have to travel to take a test. In fact, you’ll never have to visit a campus. We are 100 percent-online from application to graduation.
All courses are similar to face-to-face courses in that your instructor will be a University of Arkansas System institution faculty member and the rigor of the course will be equivalent to similar on-campus courses at University of Arkansas institutions because eVersity courses were created for online delivery from existing courses at those institutions. So, the course quality and learning expectations are no different than what you would experience by taking a course on the campus of one of those institutions. What is different with eVersity’s courses is that with unique online interactive features you choose the time and place each day you will log in and learn. Our online courses also offer support tailored to meet your needs and electronic texts and resources are included as part of the course.
We start courses seven times a year. Once you are in a class, you can access the course materials any time of the day.
If you have technical difficulties, please review We also recommend that you contact your instructor to let them know you are having difficulty. There will be directions how to do this once you are enrolled in the course.
• Desktop computer or laptop with webcam and microphone
     ○ Tablets and cell phones are not recommended for coursework.
     ○ Chromebook devices may not allow for the installation of additional software required for specific classes.
• 2GHz or higher processor speed
• 2GB or greater memory (RAM)
• 30GB or greater available storage
• Windows 8 or higher operating system (for PC)
• Mac OS 10.12 or higher operating system (for Mac)
• Access to a mobile device with camera for biometric authentication

• Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browsers
     ○ Internet Explorer is not a supported browser
• Adobe Acrobat Reader (available via free download)
• Java (available via free download)

• Broadband network connection (Cable or DSL)  with 512 Kbsp (0.5 Mbps) or higher download speed
A recent survey of employers found that 79 percent of employers have hired someone with an online degree in the past year.
You will have access to lots of support. For example, you have access to your instructor and your academic success advisor. We also want you to know that we will actively review your course work and activity, and we will try to prompt you when we see you’re having trouble. Our goal is to catch you before your minor challenge becomes a major difficulty.
We understand that sometimes life events happen that require you to change plans. Naturally, we want you to remain enrolled so you can reach your educational objective, but our academic success advisors will work with you to exit the program and develop a plan to return.
That’s difficult to answer since we have just started this program. Our goal is to prompt students as soon as we see a problem that might keep them from being successful. We offer support and assistance to address problems you may experience, so we anticipate that our retention will be high.
We were designed with student success in mind, and we take all of the necessary steps to ensure our students have appropriate academic support, regardless of the enrollment.
At the start of each course, review your syllabus and make note of the important dates. Update your calendar and stay focused on meeting those deadlines. Also, don’t forget to make sure payment for each course is taken care of before the start date of the class.
We think you’ll love eVersity’s online format. Your instructor will be from a University of Arkansas System institution. You will have other students in your class. Just like an on-campus class, you’ll have learning assignments and demonstrate what you learn through projects, tests, or other activities. The difference in an online course is that you can log into your class at any time of the day, work on assignments and projects, and submit work to be graded. Your instructor will communicate with you electronically, and you’ll interact with other students on message boards, web or video chats, or email. In fact, we’ll introduce you to eVersity and the resources available to you during your first course called Engage. It’s sort of like a test drive to help you experience eVersity’s brand of online learning.
We’ve made applying to eVersity a very simple step. The quick and free online application only asks a limited number of basic questions. For example, you’ll need to know when and where you graduated high school, where you currently live, and you will be asked to answer some questions about how to contact you.
No. But if you do have the scores we would like to know since they sometimes provide information that can help us better understand areas of study where you are likely to be a strong student and areas where you might need a little more support. The test scores are commonly part of the high school transcript we receive.
Once you are admitted, you will be placed in your first course, called “Engage.” The aim of that course is to expand our knowledge about how you think and learn and that information enables us to tailor resources to fit your needs. This course requires all students to take assessments in both Math and English; because effective communication and quantitative literacy are two of the key abilities sought by today’s employers. If you’re a bit rusty or need support in either area, we’ll build resources into your classes so you won’t need to take a separate class or go anywhere else for help. If you’re strong in these areas, you won’t need to spend time with additional resources.
Classes are taught by faculty who teach for the University of Arkansas System institutions from all over the state. You’ll receive the same quality of instruction as you would if you were attending class at one of our brick-and-mortar campuses.
Yes. The University of Arkansas System eVersity was created by the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas and is a part of the largest university system in the state. It also uses faculty from all of the UA System’s institutions.
Transferring credits is the decision of the receiving institution you’re transferring to. So you’ll need to check with the school you’re transferring to in regard to what may be accepted in transfer and what course meet their requirements.
All of our students take a first, free class called eVersity Engage. This is a short course that introduces you to eVersity and helps us get to know you so that we can better guide you in your education. Part of that course is completing your educational degree plan with the help of an academic success advisor, who will help you determine what classes you need to complete your degree. We can also gather all of your academic transcripts for you at no cost to save you the expense and time.
Not at this time. Our courses are brief and intense, and last just six weeks. It’s been our experience that given the intense, focused nature of the class, that students do better taking one class at a time and then moving on to the next course.
Classes are six weeks long. There is a one-week break between classes.
Every class requires a pre-test that is completed within the first four days of class. We recommend students “attend” class on a regular schedule. If you set aside the time on your calendar and plan for it, it will be easier to stick to it and complete your assignments. The courses are designed to allow you to access materials when you have the time. Faculty members will set due dates each week, but there will be considerable flexibility so you organize the deadlines within your schedule. It’s important that you log in frequently and stay actively involved in the class.
The classes that are available depend on when you start and what credits you transfer in to eVersity. Your academic success advisor will help you determine where to start after you complete Engage.
No. At this time only high school graduates are permitted to enroll in courses.
Normally we should be able to tell you the result of your application in just a few days. As soon as you submit your application we need to acquire your high school transcript and then we can make the admission decision upon receipt of your transcript.
You will be required to log on to the course and to confirm who you are while you are completing your work.
Hardware:nDesktop computer or laptop with webcam and microphone (tablets and cell phones are not recommended for coursework)n2GHz processor or highern2GB or higher of memory (RAM)n30GB or higher of free storagenWindows 7/Vista or higher operating system (for PC)nMac OS 10.6 or higher operating system (for Mac)n nSoftware:nMicrosoft Office 2007 or higher (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)nAdobe Flash 10 or higher (Free Download)nAdobe Acrobat Reader (Free Download)nJava (Free Download)nQuickTime (Free Download)nIf you already have these programs installed, please check for and run any updates necessary to ensure you’re ready to go! Some courses may have additional software requirements. Please talk to your academic success advisor for details.n nNetwork Connection:nBroadband (Cable or DSL) with 512 Kbps or higher download speed. A direct connection to the router is preferred over wireless or satellite connections. As an online learner, a dependable, high-speed connection may be the most important investment you can make to prepare for success in eVersity.
All needed course materials are provided within each class. You will not be required to purchase books.
Classes start seven times a year. The academic calendar is available online at
If you are experiencing problems in a class, you should always talk to the instructor. Your academic success advisor is also a great resource and will be able to offer suggestions to help you. Let us know if and when you have questions. We’ll be checking in with you, too!
Yes. The University of Arkansas System eVersity is officially accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education.
Courses are designed so that the learning objectives can be covered within a six-week period. All students are required to substantiate enrollment in each course by completing a pre-test within the first four days of each class. After that, you can choose when and where you log on during the week; but weekly progress is expected and assignments have due dates that must be met.
We recommend a computer. It can be difficult to complete assignments on your phone and we want you to have the best experience which includes having a good foundation of equipment so you can focus on your course. If you have a tablet or smartphone you will be able to access the courses, but the work will be a little challenging.
To be admitted, you need to have a high school diploma or equivalent, and be committed to letting us help you earn a degree.
Yes. You can complete your FAFSA with estimated figures and check that you will file your taxes. However, as soon as your taxes are submitted to the IRS, you should correct your FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Process.
Once your original FAFSA has been processed, you may go back into the original application and make corrections. You will receive a new Student Aid Report with the corrected information.
If based on your answers to the dependency questions on the FAFSA you are directed to complete parental information, then you are a dependent student for Federal financial aid purposes, and you must provide parental information.
Unless you personally provide more than half of your child’s support, you and your child are both dependents of your parents. Therefore, you must provide parental information and include both you and your child in the household size.
No, if your grandparents have legal guardianship through the courts, you are considered an independent student and will file your FAFSA based solely on your information.
You must file using the information from your parents. If your parents are not married to each other, you must file on the parent who has provided the most support for you in the past year.
After you complete the Engage course and are admitted into a degree program, you may be dually enrolled in a degree program with the University of Arkansas at Monticello. Veterans of recent military service and thendependents of certain other servicemen and servicewomen may be entitled toneducational assistance payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs.nAssistance is certified by the University of Arkansas at Monticello based on thenstudent’s admission and enrollment in the concurrent programs. Veterans shouldncontact the University of Arkansas at Monticello’s Financial Aid Office at 870-n460-1050 for assistance in filing for benefits.
After you complete the Engage course and are admitted into a degree program, you may be dually enrolled in a degree program with the University of Arkansas at Monticello. The University of Arkansas at Monticello may be able to certify your eligibility for tuition assistance based on your admission and enrollment in the dual programs. Members of the military and their dependents should contact the University of Arkansas at Monticello’s Financial Aid Office at 870-n460-1050 for assistance in filing for benefits.
Because we are not yet approved for participation in Federal Student Aid Programs, your enrollment in eVersity will not qualify you for an in-school deferment. However, once you complete the Engage course and you’re admitted into a degree program and begin those courses, then the dual enrollment with the University of Arkansas at Monticello will be reported to the National Student Loan Data System.
Students pay tuition to the University of Arkansas at Monticello campus during their enrollment in a degree program. 1098-T forms are issued from the University of Arkansas at Monticello campus.
Yes, benefits-eligible employees or their dependents may use the discount as defined by the University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees policy, just as you may use the benefit at any other campus.
No, the University of Arkansas System eVersity is exempted by state statute from offering free tuition to students sixty years of age or older. This is because the institution does not receive any funding from the legislator.
Employees of the alliances need to go to their Human Resources Offices. There they will get a 5 digit code that they will enter on the eVersity admission application. If they have already completed the application and did not enter the 5 digit code, send Steven Howell an e-mail with the student’s 5 digit code and he will update the student’s information.
JB Hunt, Tyson, Cobb Ventures, Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office, AR State Employees Association (ASEA), City of North Little Rock, Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), Loreal, Cintas, City of Bryant, City of Cabot, Fayetteville School District- AD, Pulaski Co. Sheriffs, Childcare Network, Our House, City of Siloam Springs, Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority, Oaklawn, City of Little Rock, Rock Creek Church, Single Parent Scholarship Fund
We can take a look at an unofficial transcript and give you a pretty good idea of what credits will count. Ultimately, the only way to give you a final answer is to review your official transcripts and have a conversation with an academic success advisor. We will do that as part of the onboarding process after you are admitted.
We will introduce you to eVersity and the resources available to you during your first free online course called Engage. During that course, we’ll provide information about lots of resources to consider for financial assistance. For example, you should check with your employer to find out if tuition assistance is available. There are also many free online scholarship searches available. We’ll work together to explore opportunities and develop a financial plan.
We put a lot of thought and effort into the degree programs we currently offer. That includes a series of roundtables held with business and economic development leaders that helped us narrow down the five fields you’re most likely to develop into a successful career, including: Business Criminal Justice IT University Studies Healthcare Management
We’d love for you to call us at (844) 837-7489.
Simply go to, click on the “apply now” button and complete the application. It’s free and takes just a few minutes to complete.
The price is $175 per credit hour. Since most classes are three credit hours, this means that most classes cost $525. Books and required course materials are included in each course so there are no additional costs. There are no fees.
We offer associate and bachelor degrees in the areas of business, information technology, healthcare management, criminal justice and university studies.
This is a complicated question because it depends on the degree you are seeking and how many credits you transfer in to eVersity. You can take up to seven courses per year.
Financial assistance may be available from a variety of sources such as employers and scholarship programs. We will help you find as much aid as possible. Once you’re admitted, you’ll begin with your first course, eVersity Engage. During that course, you’ll explore all options for financial assistance and learn how to apply.
Our graduates sometimes choose to walk in a ceremony that we share with our fellow UA System partners at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, but we can also mail your diploma to your house.
Yes and we’ll invite you and your family and friends to join us as we all celebrate your achievements!
We’ll talk about financial aid during your first free course, called Engage. Once you are admitted into a degree program, you may be dually enrolled with the University of Arkansas at Monticello. Eligible students may be able to receive a Federal Pell Grant for enrollment and costs of attendance through the University of Arkansas at Monticello.
Yes. Each faculty member will tell you how to reach them at the beginning of each course.
Our tuition rate is currently $165 per credit hour. Your costs will depend on the credits you have remaining. One big difference with eVersity is we charge no fees and your book and any required course materials are available at no cost within each course you take. We recognize that a college degree is a big investment, and we focus on keeping the costs within reach.
We do not require a college entrance exam. We do, however, want to make sure that you are prepared to succeed in our courses and in your career. During your first course, we will ask you to answer some questions so that we can learn more about you. You’ll answer questions that tell us about your goals and motivations in going to college, and you’ll also answer questions that evaluate your math and English skills. These are not admission requirement tests. Rather, these are tools we use to determine how best we can support you to succeed and graduate. The more we know about you, the better able we are to support you in reaching your educational goal.
Yes, as long as you’ve earned your high school diploma or equivalent
Our admission application is very simple and only asks for information you already know such as the name of your high school and when you graduated. Once you are admitted, we will work with you to gather some additional information about your prior college and learning experience and what degree you would like to earn. At every step of the process, we are here to answer your questions.
The classes are the same. You receive the same content and the same credit on your transcript. The only difference is the method of delivering the material.
You should contact your instructor.
In many respects, online learning is the same as a face-to-face class. You receive the same content, delivered by a qualified faculty member, and you submit various kinds of work including tests, writing assignments, and projects. The biggest difference is that you don’t have to travel to a campus and meet several times a week at a pre-arranged, inflexible time. Instead, you can access the material from anywhere you can connect to the internet and at a time that fits your schedule.
Once you submit your application and we can confirm you are a high school graduate or have earned a GED, we will send you an official admission letter via email.
Yes. Our academic catalog is available online at
There are many factors that contribute to the cost of attending college. At eVersity, we focus on just one thing: delivering a high-quality online education. Because of this focus, we are able to look for ways to trim our costs. A more traditional college has buildings it must maintain, intramural fields, health centers, police departments, and a host of other expenses that are necessary to support its daily operations. Since we don’t have those expenses, we can remove them from our tuition. Our faculty also work hard to identify the best course materials, maximizing use of Open Education Resources, where possible, to eliminate your textbook cost.
A lot of folks don’t do well in their first attempt at college. Sometimes you need a break and a second chance; eVersity can provide that second chance. There are a few things that make us different. First, we really do spend time getting to know you so we can support you. We want to personalize your support and educational journey so we take some time to gather information about you so we can tailor our support for you. As a new university, we have also had the rare opportunity to build this from the ground up with the student in mind. We are pretty clear in our focus – we offer high-quality career-relevant degrees at an affordable price. Our singular focus is on helping you graduate. We will closely monitor your coursework and progress so that we can step in and start to support you before it’s too late.
eVersity Engage is part of our effort to rethink college. Many colleges simply admit you and put you in the first class and then treat every student exactly the same. The truth is each student brings different skills, strengths, and goals. eVersity Engage is a free, one-credit course where we spend a little time getting to know each other. You get to know eVersity, develop your degree plan and a financial plan to pay for college and we get to know you; what motivates you, what obstacles you are worried about, and what kind of support you might need to be successful. We believe that if you will take some time to tell us your story, we can do a better job of supporting you in your educational goal. We want to make your educational journey as personal as possible.
Online students have access to many of the same resources as face-to-face students. You have access to your professor, your academic success advisor, to a library, and to other support services.
Yes. eVersity is part of the University of Arkansas System, and our students have access to the library via our partner, the University of Arkansas at Monticello. You can access it online.
If you encounter trouble, contact your professor as soon as possible, and ideally before the deadline passes. The more documentation you can provide, the better. Your academic success advisor can also help you navigate unexpected challenges along the way.
Our instructors and student supporters understand the importance of timely responses. We will try and get your questions or concerns answered promptly, and most will try to answer your question before the end of the next business day.
One of the unique attributes of eVersity is that we are part of the University of Arkansas System and have access to high-quality faculty on all of our campuses. eVersity brought together faculty from all of the campuses to create teams to develop each of our degrees. The faculty worked together to design a workplace-relevant degree for each program. The degrees were then approved by the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas using the same procedures as degrees on our other campuses.
Employees of these alliances receive a 5 percent discount.
No. Students at eVersity take a math course called Quantitative Literacy that is focused on providing math skills that you will likely encounter in the real world. Where College Algebra asks you to solve polynomial equations and solve for X, Quantitative Literacy teaches you to read charts, understand statistical reports that you’ll encounter in the workplace, and develop financial literacy skills that are useful in your daily life.
Yes. In fact, this is one of the core objectives of eVersity. We place an emphasis on linking your academic work with the real world. Each course and degree will provide students with a variety of career competencies. In fact, we will even list these competencies on your transcript so that you can show your employer. Examples of our competencies include Appreciation of Diversity, Ethical Decision Making, Quantitative Literacy, Creativity, Leadership, Teamwork, Effective Communication and Problem Solving.
Students will be able to pay online via credit card or cash payment.
We use a learning tool called Blackboard to deliver most of your content. You can easily access Blackboard online using a web browser. Each class may also use specific tools such as word processing or spreadsheet software. Some classes may ask you to make short videos using your phone or a camera. We work very hard to make sure our tools are easy to use, and we always provide helping in using the tools.
During your first free course, Engage, we’ll talk about many types of financial assistance and how you can apply for different options.
During your first free course, Engage, we’ll talk about many types of financial assistance and how you can apply for different options. You’ll complete any necessary applications during this first course. We’ll assist with any questions you may have with each step.
The date you receive your money depends on several factors, including when you apply and when you finish the application process. After you apply and provide all required information, you’ll be notified of your award eligibility. That award notification will also specify how the monies will be disbursed and when the payments are scheduled. All financial aid administration for eVersity students is processed by the University of Arkansas at Monticello.
Yes. If you qualify to use the IRS Data Retrieval Process, you should use it. First, it pulls your tax information directly from the IRS. Second, it simplifies the process for you if you are selected for verification.
Verification is a process that requires a college to double check the information a potential student enters on his/her FAFSA. It is a random selection process and being selected does not necessarily mean you have entered wrong information. We do recommend you respond promptly to requests for additional information if you’re selected for verification to avoid any delays in your award determinations and/or disbursements.
Once your information is carefully reviewed, you will be notified by the University of Arkansas at Monticello regarding you eligibility for federal student aid.
Not necessarily. You must reapply every year. There are limits on the maximum amount of eligibility you have receive. We want to keep you on track to graduate and will work to help you maximize your eligibility.
During your first course-Engage- we’ll talk about many types of financial assistance and how you can apply for different options.
Yes, every student will take the eVersity Engage course. We have designed this course to build a strong relationship between the student and eVersity. You may have read or heard that we believe we are a different type of university, and this class is one way we are different. Instead of just tossing you into your first course, we want to get to know you. We want to give you some time to tell us about your goals so we can help you meet them, we want to know about potential obstacles so we can help you overcome them and we want to help you develop an academic and financial plan that is clear and designed specifically for you. This class is free, and you’ll receive one hour of credit when you complete it. It will allow us to better support you on your educational journey.
We won’t just tell you to go get all your transcripts . We’ll talk with you about where you’ve been and work with you to gather those transcripts on your behalf. There are several national databases that provide college enrollment information and they can be good resources of helping you remember where you’ve been and when you attended.
Perhaps the most important difference is that you will have access to the same faculty who teach courses at University of Arkansas System institutions. Many schools hire adjunct instructors. We believe having UA faculty teach our courses results in a high-quality educational experience. We are also considerably less expensive than many online schools, especially the for-profit institutions. Finally, we have worked very hard to make our degrees workplace relevant by including valuable career competencies in every course and degree program.
No. Our courses are highly engaging and you interact with other students and the faculty member. Independent study courses typically require students to learn on their own without interaction with other students or an instructor.
Each class will provide specific instructions, which may vary depending on the type of assignment. All of the work will be submitted electronically.
All that is required is to have basic internet skills. You need to know how to access the internet and navigate standard web pages. You do not have to be a technical wizard. Assistance will be provided with step-by-step instructions and videos to guide you through additional needed skillsets.
No. Your diploma will say you have earned a degree from the University of Arkansas System eVersity
There is no sure-fire way for every student to study. It is important that students discover what works best for them. We can suggest two basic tips, though. First, we have found that it is important for students to schedule a regular time to study. If you were taking a face-to-face class, you might be required to be in class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10 a.m.. This schedule gives you regular access to the instructor. In the same way, you should set a regular time of study and a place to study. Maybe it is every Tuesday night from 11:00-12:00 after the family is asleep, or maybe you stay late after work two nights a week to do school work. Whatever the pattern you set, stick to it and remove distractions. A second tip is to manage your time and do not procrastinate. Your time is busy and you have many other obligations. Now you are going to add a college course to your list of things to do. Developing good time management skills and avoiding last minute rushes will help reduce your stress and allow you to meet your deadlines. We have other tips that we’ll share after you are enrolled.
Yes. We are a 100 percent-online institution.
eVersity is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and we are happy to provide appropriate and reasonable accommodations. We will review your request and medical documentation and provide whatever accommodation is required to make you a successful student. As explained in our academic catalog, Disability services for eVersity students are provided by the University of Arkansas at Monticello. To request an accommodation for a disability please contact Mary Whiting at or (870) 460-1026. The student will be required to complete and submit the Request for Disability Accommodation form and provide recent (no older than three years) medical or other appropriate diagnostic evaluation of the disability. Documentation must include, as appropriate, physical description, medical or clinical explanation from a qualified physician, psychologist, psychiatrist or other appropriate health care provider of any limitations imposed by such disability on learning/job duties/major life activities, as well as, any medically necessary recommendations for reasonable academic or employment accommodations. Final decisions on reasonablenaccommodations are made by the University. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the faculty of any approved accommodations at the beginning of the course.
You are expected to be an active participant in your class. Students are required to complete a pre-test in each course by the end of the fourth class day. Failure to complete the required activity and substantiate enrollment may result in the student being withdrawn from the course due to lack of attendance.
To see an example of a course, we encourage you to apply and begin our eVersity Engage, first class. You may apply and enroll in this first course, all with no charge. Try us out and see if this is the right choice for you.
No. Everyone applies for general admission to eVersity. During your first course, eVersity Engage, we’ll talk about your educational goals, career goals, previous academic experiences, and identify which of our degree programs is right for you. By the end of the course, you will be placed into a degree program and ready to take your next course toward finishing that degree.
You can apply anytime. As soon as we process your application and you are admitted, we will start you in your first course. In this course, you’ll work with an academic success advisor to develop an academic plan and a plan to pay for your courses. When you finish this course, you can start you degree plan. At most, your wait will be just a few weeks since we start classes every seven weeks.
Our application process is a rolling, open application. When you complete your application, we will process it, document your high school diploma and notify you so that you may quickly start your first course. The sooner you apply and we receive your information, the sooner you can begin. However, if you miss a start date, there will be another opportunity in just seven weeks.
Information may be mailed, emailed, or faxed.
Our classes start every seven weeks. Apply now and we’ll get you started as soon as possible.
Classes begin on Sundays at noon and then follow the schedule set by the instructor. The course will finish six weeks later with all work submitted by noon Sunday. Each course will have its own schedule and pace, but you will have a fair amount of flexibility in submitting assignments to accommodate your busy life.
We think so. Many students with family and work obligations have difficulty taking more than a class or two at a time. Since most schools work on traditional semesters that means you can only complete one or two courses every 16 weeks. At eVersity, you’ll take one class at a time, but the classes only last six weeks. This means you’ll complete three courses in the same time period. We recognize that your specific situation may be different; however, we believe for most students, eVersity will offer a quicker path to finishing your degree.
If you commit to our schedule of starting a new class every seven weeks, you’ll be finished in less than three years.
If you commit to our schedule of starting a new class every seven weeks, you’ll be finished in less than six years.
Not at this time.
It depends on the kind of help you need. A good place to start is your academic success advisor, who can always direct you to the correct resource if you don’t know exactly who to contact. Your instructor will provide you with help for specific questions related to the course. We also have help for you if you are having technical problems.
Your diploma will be from the University of Arkansas System eVersity.
Selecting the right educational institution is important, and we understand there are many excellent choices. The first step is determining if we offer the degree you want. If we do, then I would encourage you to apply and continue the conversation with one of our academic success advisors. We strongly believe we are different from many universities. We have spent a great deal of time thinking about the university experience from the student’s perspective, and we want to get to know you and support you in a way that lets you reach your educational goals. You can apply and enroll in our first course, all at no cost to you, just as soon as you’re admitted. It’s sort of like a test drive to let you experience eVersity’s brand of online learning. So why not try us out?
Not at this time.

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