And the Survey Says? Students Love eVersity

An annual survey of University of Arkansas System eVersity students confirms that the state’s only 100 percent-online institution is accomplishing its mission of providing a high-quality, accessible and affordable option for earning associate and bachelor’s degrees.

An overwhelming 97 percent of eVersity students report that they are overall satisfied with their entire experience at the institution while 93 percent say they are achieving their personal goals they set when they started taking classes at the five-year-old online institution.

“We set out with the simple goal of making college enriching and challenging, but also making the process of going to college easy and supportive,” said Michael Moore, Ph.D., chief academic/operating officer at eVersity and vice president of academic affairs for the UA System. “We’re not only achieving those goals, but we’re continually improving in areas that were identified as having room to grow. In a perfect world, students who decide that online learning is their best option to fit college into their busy lives should be able to apply, enroll, excel and graduate without all of the hassles that are commonly tied to the higher education experience. We’re working very hard to build that perfect world and provide a world-class experience for students so all they have to do is concentrate on meeting the academic goals they’ve set for themselves. This annual survey shows we’re accomplishing this.”

The annual survey is given to all students who enrolled in a class at eVersity and nearly 70 percent of students responded. More than 96 percent of them say they’d recommend eVersity to a friend or relative.

“The fact that nearly three-quarters of all of our students took the time to give us feedback says a lot in itself,” said Kim Bradford, director of institutional assurance at eVersity. “Our students are feeling the positive effects of the personal, hands-on approach we take to providing customer service from applying, to financial aid assistance to student advising, and they’re eager to let us know about it. They’re also eager to share ways to help us grow as an institution and get better at what we do.”

In the last year, for example, eVersity revamped its payment process all the way from communications relating to finances to actually paying for courses. The result was a 10 percent growth in student satisfaction in the payment process area from the time it was identified for improvement in a previous survey. Other areas of overall student satisfaction that showed an annual increase included registration and financial advising, among others.

In addition to the survey, students were given a chance to leave anonymous comments about their experiences at eVersity. Some of those comments include:

  • “All the resources are at your service that are needed to succeed.”

  • “Attending eVersity has been a wonderful experience so far. I am very pleased with how the school has worked with me on certain things relating to my financial aid and I fully believe the financial aid department has gone beyond what they needed to do to help me! A lot of people have told me that college has been or is a stressful time for them, but I have not experienced that with my two years at eVersity.

  • “During this horrible time in America right now, with students unable to attend classes in other schools, (but) here at eVersity, we never skipped a beat. Everything ran just like clockwork with no interruptions. This is a first-class program and recommended to anyone that is looking to get or continue their college degree. So very thankful to have found eVersity, it will be a life-changer for (my) family.”

  • “I have found my experience with eVersity to be highly rewarding. Everyone involved in this program – from advising to payments, from IT to instructors – everyone goes above and beyond to create an environment that is friendly, helpful and concerned with eliminating barriers to students’ success.”

  • “I love eVersity! An amazing alternative to the very expensive university I was attending. My grades are amazing and I am learning more than ever before!”

  • “I love everything about eVerity. From the staff to the faculty, from the course materials to the course availability. Everyone is so nice and they are always eager to help. I really feel like they care about me as a person, and that they want me to achieve my degree as much as I do.”