Cintas Sews Up Educational Needs with eVersity Alliance


As president of the Central Arkansas Human Resource Association (CAHRA), Tanner Chapman crossed paths with the state’s first 100 percent-online university and realized it could benefit his career duties with Cintas, a leading supplier of corporate uniforms and specialized services. 

“I shared the eVersity story with him and how we can offer employees educational benefits that have never been done before,” said Christopher Dickie, director of employer relations and community outreach with University of Arkansas System eVersity. “With his experience level in HR leadership positions, he recognized the sizable impact we can make on employees and how they can, in turn, ultimately benefit his company.”

Chapman said the benefits of an educated workforce are plentiful. 

“Being able to provide opportunities like this for employees not only improves your workforce, but it makes an impact in their lives,” said Chapman, the senior HR manager at Cintas. “It’s a win-win situation when you can offer benefits that make sense in your employees’ lives.”