Facebook Leads to Student Finally Earning A Degree

Cynthia DuVall-Bonebright’s path to completing her degree started in an unconventional spot – social media.

“It took me, obviously, quite a while to get my degree,” said the Rogers native. “I got online one day and I first saw eVersity on Facebook, and then I did some research. I called one of the advisors. Everything just started falling into place.”

Duvall-Bonebright, a substitute teacher by trade, finished her degree this summer in eVersity’s University Studies program with concentrations in business, social and behavioral sciences and social science composite after just six months of eVersity classes.

It was an ideal time to finish.

“I have one daughter,” she said. “She’s 17 and her name is Emily. She will be a senior in high school this year. This was absolutely the perfect time for me to finish, with my daughter finishing high school.”

“One of my big motivations, basically, was just to show my child that, ‘Hey, mom can do this. I wanted to finish what I started.’”

Price is Right

Duvall-Bonebright said one of the best parts of the program is its affordability, especially since cost was one of the things that caused her to interrupt her college studies in the first place.

“Basically, life happened,” she said. “I got married and at that point we weren’t financially able for me to return to school. Then I had my daughter and pretty much all my concentrations were on her. Many years later I went back and got my Associate’s. But I always wanted to finish and have my Bachelor’s and eVersity was so affordable. It was perfect.”

Here to Help

Cost wasn’t the only positive. eVersity’s advisors helped Duvall-Bonebright transfer her credits and devise a way to shorten her overall class requirement, saving her even more money and getting her to the finish line even quicker.

“I had several hours from the University of Arkansas and I have an associate’s degree from Tulsa Community College,” she said. “With all those hours, they put together my degree plan and we were able to transfer just about everything. Every single time I had a question or concern, basically anyone in the advising center, they were all awesome. It was so easy.”

With her new degree in hand, Duvall-Bonebright said the future is unlimited.

“Now that I have a bachelor’s, my doors are wide open. It’s been a wonderful experience,” she said. “Being able to walk …, going through the whole graduation, that was absolutely one of the best moments of my life.”