National Distance Learning Week Day 1 – OER is in eVersity’s DNA

*This is part of a five-day series celebrating National Distance Learning Week Nov. 9-13. eVersity is doing a daily tribute featuring “Five Ways Distance Learning Changes Lives.”

“No books, no fees” has become staple nomenclature around the staff and offices within the University of Arkansas System eVersity, which is one of the few institutions nationally to be able to say it is a 100 percent Open Educational Resources (OER) university.

OER includes materials for teaching or learning that are either in the public domain or have been released under a license that allows them to be freely used, changed or shared with others. All of the coursework at eVersity is based around OER, therefore eliminating the need to charge students unnecessary fees for books or materials in addition to tuition.

What does that mean for students? In a nutshell, it goes a long way toward ensuring an affordable, high-quality and highly accessible path toward completing coursework and ultimately earning degrees. Perhaps most importantly, it saves them money. Earlier this year, eVersity published a story detailing the savings passed on to its students since it launched in 2015, which totaled more than $1.4 million.

And so as the first installation of our five-day recognition of National Distance Learning Week 2020, eVersity celebrates the concept of OER and how it impacts our mission and our students.

“eVersity’s core values are to provide high-quality, affordable and relevant online degree programs in order for them to obtain the necessary tools to take their career and earnings to the next level,” said Michael Moore, Ph.D., chief academic/operating officer at eVersity. “When we built eVersity, we wanted to take all of the unnecessary hassle out of the administrative process of going to college, and make it easy and free for people to apply and get enrolled so they can fulfill their dream of earning a college degree. I’m proud of our effort to utilize OER and how we’ve used it as a cornerstone of many aspects of our mission.”

The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) dedicates one week each year to provide an opportunity to celebrate growth and accomplishments in distance learning and for faculty and students to showcase excellence in teaching, technology and research. National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) is an opportunity to share innovations being used to help provide quality and robust online education.