National Distance Learning Week Day 5 – Innovative Distance Learning Saves Money

*This is part of a five-day series celebrating National Distance Learning Week Nov. 9-13. eVersity is doing a daily tribute featuring “Five Ways Distance Learning Changes Lives.”

The University of Arkansas System eVersity’s innovative business model within providing a 100 percent-online learning experience has helped save its students more than $6 million since classes launched in 2016.

In a time when the average price of tuition and fees is continually on the rise and students are leaving college saddled with record amounts of debt, eVersity has proven itself as an affordable and accessible answer for hardworking adults looking to find the time, money and strategy to finish their college degrees.

That’s why eVersity’s fifth installation of its five-day recognition of National Distance Learning Week 2020 celebrates the affordability that distance learning can offer and how it changes lives. The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) dedicates one week each year to provide an opportunity to celebrate growth and accomplishments in distance learning and for faculty and students to showcase excellence in teaching, technology and research. National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) is an opportunity to share innovations being used to help provide quality and robust online education.

“We set out to change the way online learning is delivered — better quality courses, more affordable tuition, greater flexibility in scheduling — and all of those things are proving to be deciding factors in helping people make the choice to go back and finally earn their college degree,” said Michael Moore, Ph.D., chief academic/operating officer at eVersity. “We’ve worked extremely hard to identify all of the barriers that were making it hard for people to go to college — all of these things we’ve been able to completely eliminate or improve upon and it’s making our students very happy.”

According to a recent eVersity alumni survey, 100 percent of graduates said they would recommend eVersity to a friend and more than 97 percent said they are satisfied with the value of their degree in terms of its cost.

Learn About Specific Ways eVersity Saves Students Money:

  • — Free applications have saved students more than $220,000. Read More

  • — Affordable tuition has saved students more than $1.3 million. Read More

  • — Not requiring expensive books has saved students more than $1.4 million. Read More

  • — Never charging expensive fees has saved students more than $2.8 million. Read More