City of North Little Rock Inks Educational Alliance with eVersity

The impact education can have on a community is profound, and Betty L Anderson, human resources director for the City of North Little Rock, understands the value it also brings to the workforce. Thanks to this understanding, municipal employees at Arkansas’s sixth-largest city now have streamlined and discounted access to the state’s only 100 percent-online […]

Cintas Sews Up Educational Needs with eVersity Alliance

As president of the Central Arkansas Human Resource Association (CAHRA), Tanner Chapman crossed paths with the state’s first 100 percent-online university and realized it could benefit his career duties with Cintas, a leading supplier of corporate uniforms and specialized services.  “I shared the eVersity story with him and how we can offer employees educational benefits […]

City of Bryant Sees a Bright Future

It didn’t take long for the City of Bryant to recognize the power of education in making communities healthier, happier and equipped for future growth. Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs was in attendance when Michael Moore, Ph.D., chief academic/operating officer at the University of Arkansas System eVersity, spoke to a civic organization about the state’s new […]

Family Matters: Education in the Home Boosted with Partnership

Educated households equate to stronger families and communities, which is what led the University of Arkansas System eVersity to a group of administrators trying to impact more than 5,000 families in the state. The Arkansas Home Visiting Network, an off-campus department of Arkansas Children’s Hospital that promotes home visiting services to Arkansas families during pregnancy […]

We’ve Rearranged Our Schedule To Fit Yours

APPLY TODAY Don’t have time to finish that degree you once started? Think again. At the University of Arkansas System eVersity, we do things a lot differently than most institutions. We know you have families, work, duties at home and soccer practices for the kids to balance. In fact, life getting in the way is the leading […]

Earn More Than $1 Million More Over Your Lifetime

Fill out an easy, quick application at no cost and restart your life today: APPLY If you could earn more than $1 million more throughout your lifetime by simply finishing something you once started, what would be holding you back?  Statistics show those who earned a college degree not only have a higher earning potential, but […]

What’s Inside This Cabin Will Change Your Life

How does a quaint, drafty, mid-19th century log cabin nestled into one of Little Rock’s oldest neighborhoods hold the state-of-the-art secret to changing lives? You might be surprised to learn that a brand-new, cutting-edge university was conceived from the ground up and is being run within the walls of this old cabin in the woods. […]

Wash. Co. Sheriff’s Office Sees eVersity Benefits

Would you like to empower your employees and your organization? When Washington County Sheriff Tim Helder crossed paths with the University of Arkansas System eVersity message in Spring 2016, he recognized an opportunity to make his force stronger. After a conversation with Sgt. John Wood, training officer for the state’s second-largest Sheriff’s department, the […]

Class 101 Views eVersity Alliance as Student Success Tool

While the majority of University of Arkansas System eVersity’s enrollment consists of working adults who have already earned college credit, educational experts are also considering the state’s only 100 percent-online university a viable option for high school graduates. Donna Hill, owner of Class 101 in Little Rock, is a lifelong learner with more than 30 […]

U.S. Pizza Co. Knows eVersity Can Deliver

The U.S. Pizza Co., in Batesville understands the difference an education can make in someone’s life, and helped the University of Arkansas System eVersity spread its message to empower their community.  Chintan Patel, the U.S. Pizza Co. franchise owner in Batesville, sponsored an opportunity for eVersity to reach an audience at the annual Batesville Women […]

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