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MARCH 13, 2020

Being suddenly faced with so much uncertainty in our lives — school cancellations, work suspensions, health concerns, paychecks — due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to remain the steady, positive force in your life that’s making things better for you.

By design, we’re already prepared to carry on as normal during this time of extreme precaution. We might not have realized it when we launched four years ago, but times like this have proven to be yet another benefit of being a 100 percent-online institution with built-in student support mechanisms and high-quality, national award-winning online instruction already in place.

So if things get tough for you during this time, whether it’s dealing with additional things to juggle with kids being home and trying to stay on top of work demands or caring for loved ones who might be at risk or anything in between, we’ve got your back. While we’re monitoring the situation closely, we plan to carry on as normal and keep you on track to becoming a college graduate. And if you need help or any special assistance to keep up with your coursework, as always, please reach out to your course instructor or our friendly and helpful academic success advisors. We will keep you informed if anything does change.

Need Additional Help?

– Contact your instructor. Their info is in the “Begin Here” header of your coursework.

– Reach out to an academic success advisor at or (501) 682-2950 and share your concerns.

– Payment Problems? Contact Debbie Strahan at

Another benefit we have during this time is our standing within the University of Arkansas System, which provides access to many campuses, divisions and units with a diverse range of expertise in many areas. In this case, we wanted to pass along some helpful information from our friends at the University of Arkansas at Medical Sciences (UAMS), which has been tirelessly working alongside the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), the Office of the Governor and many other state agencies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of citizens.

More Coronavirus Info:


Center for Disease Control

Arkansas Department of Health

Thanks again for choosing us to be the institution to get you across the finish line. We wish the best of health and safety for you and your loved ones.


The eVersity Team