Student Success is Defining eVersity

Student success is becoming the hallmark of the state’s only fully accredited, 100 percent-online institution, as nearly 93 percent of students who chose to finish their degrees at the University of Arkansas System eVersity are passing their courses and more than 96 percent completing them.

eVersity’s unique online teaching model makes use of high-quality faculty teaching at brick-and-mortar institutions across the University of Arkansas System.

“Those statistics far exceed norms and are very positive signs that we are making good on our mission to be a student-centered institution,” said Michael K. Moore, Ph.D., chief academic/operating officer at eVersity. “I have felt very strongly that most working learners are just looking for a second chance, and if we could provide them an affordable, high-quality, student-centered experience than they would respond.”

Not surprisingly, with more students passing and completing their courses, a strong student support model and rigorous curriculum review process is proving effective in lifting students’ performances. This is measured by the difference between a student’s transfer GPA and the student’s eVersity GPA. For 2017, this “institutional lift” was nearly a full letter grade.

“That’s a very remarkable increase in GPA and is a tribute to our students having access to top-notch instructors and student success advisors, while only having to focus on once class at a time,” Moore said. “When designing this university, we put a lot of thought into student success factors and it’s translating into results.”

Student Satisfaction

With a nearly 80 percent response rate on end-of-course surveys, eVersity students are eager to share about their experiences.

Overall, students report being highly satisfied with academic advising, course design, financial advising and instruction. More than 97 percent of students reported they achieved their goals, were satisfied overall with their experience and would recommend eVersity to a friend.

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