We’ve Rearranged Our Schedule To Fit Yours


Don’t have time to finish that degree you once started? Think again.

At the University of Arkansas System eVersity, we do things a lot differently than most institutions. We know you have families, work, duties at home and soccer practices for the kids to balance. In fact, life getting in the way is the leading reason most people stopped working toward their degrees to begin with.

So why not make it easier to manage? More affordable? More rewarding?

These are all things we had the luxury of reinventing when we built and launched the state’s only 100 percent-online university from the ground up just a few short years ago. It starts with the application process, which we’ve made free and easy to handle. See for yourself. Then we used the power of the UA System and its world-renowned faculty to help build and teach our high-quality, award-winning classes. Not sold yet?

How about taking just one class at a time for only six weeks while working toward your degree? What if we told you it was only $175 per credit hour?

Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. Fill out a quick application at no cost and let us show you how easy it can be to finish your degree. Working adults just like you are finishing their degrees every six weeks.

Classes are starting every seven weeks, so don’t let another start date pass you by: