Next Steps

I Submitted An Application, So What's Next?

You’ve completed your quick and free application, now you’re wondering what you need to do next. You’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find an easy-to-follow outline that details exactly how the process will go, both on our end and yours. We want to make the process of getting you enrolled and on your way toward earning a degree as quick and painless as possible. 

SO REMEMBER! If at any time you have a question or need to talk to someone:

Call: (844) 837-7489 || Email:


You’re off to a good start - Thank you for applying! We couldn't be happier you chose eVersity.


Now keep an eye out for an email (in the account you used to apply) from asking permission to acquire your transcripts. Respond quickly so we can get moving. This is the longest part of the process as we are reaching out to your graduating high school to acquire your transcript or confirm your GED. See how easy this is? We choose to do this for you and to also pick up the tab to eliminate the hassle.


This might take a couple weeks, but don’t worry because the wheels are in motion over here. We will stay in touch and give you an email update after two weeks as we seek your high school transcript or GED in order to admit you. You also might receive some other communications from us with student success stories (one day this could be you!) and other useful information to prepare you for getting back into college. CALL (844) 837-7489 or EMAIL if you have any questions.


After we’ve confirmed your high school graduation or GED, you will immediately receive an email (in same account you used to apply) with your official admission and login information to get started on your first, free course called eVersity Engage. Congratulations, you’re on way to earning your first college credit! You’ll also receive a text message confirmation welcoming you to eVersity.


Get started in your first free course, which will you get used to getting back in college while also getting you officially enrolled in your degree program. We’ll also cover your budget in Engage and how to get you set up with financial aid, if you need it. Don't hesitate to login and get started, because this will alert us that you're proceeding and that we have work to do. Once you've logged in, that triggers us to get busy acquiring any previous college transcripts, and after we get them we’ll send an email asking you to schedule a quick phone appointment with a friendly academic advisor. You’ll talk about your transfer credits and your best options to earn the degree you want. They’ll help you declare a major and immediately find a course within your degree plan to get you registered for the upcoming term.


Now it’s time to get into a routine of logging in and knocking out your assignments. If at any point during this process you need to speak to someone, please call (844) 837-7489 or email Whether you are a returning student to take care of some unfinished business or trying college for the first time, you are on your way toward reaching your goals and becoming a college graduate.