Student Services

How do I check my grades?

To check your grades in Blackboard, access the Grade Book link from the course menu on the left side of the screen.

How do I create a journal entry?

Journals are private messages that only the instructor and student can see. To create a journal entry, access the journal link from within the weekly folders. Select the “Create Journal Entry” button from top left of screen and then use the textbox editor to create your message.  Press submit to post the entry to your [Read More]

How do I submit an assignment?

To submit an assignment, click on the assignment link from within the weekly folders. The assignment drop box will open up and allow you to attach a file or submit your response in the text box.

How do I navigate Blackboard?

All courses at eVersity are designed with a similar look and feel.  Key components include the course syllabus including all the information you need to know about your course along with a schedule of due dates.  Course materials and assessments are housed under the weekly folders link.  Watch the video below to learn more about [Read More]

How do I post and reply in a discussion board?

To post to a discussion board, access the link via the course menu or from within the weekly folders. Select the create thread button from the top left menu.  A text editor will open up that allows you to create a message.  Press submit to post the message as a thread to the discussion board.  [Read More]

Are there any scholarships available for eVersity?

We currently do not have scholarships, but there are a number of scholarship programs outside of eVersity. We will guide you to consider multiple financial resources during your first course with us, Engage.

What if I have technical difficulties?

If you have technical difficulties, please review We also recommend that you contact your instructor to let them know you are having difficulty. There will be directions how to do this once you are enrolled in the course.

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