What kind of computer and internet connection will I need?

Hardware:nDesktop computer or laptop with webcam and microphone (tablets and cell phones are not recommended for coursework)n2GHz processor or highern2GB or higher of memory (RAM)n30GB or higher of free storagenWindows 7/Vista or higher operating system (for PC)nMac OS 10.6 or higher operating system (for Mac)n nSoftware:nMicrosoft Office 2007 or higher (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)nAdobe Flash [Read More]

Can I use an iPad or smartphone instead of a computer?

We recommend a computer. It can be difficult to complete assignments on your phone and we want you to have the best experience which includes having a good foundation of equipment so you can focus on your course. If you have a tablet or smartphone you will be able to access the courses, but the [Read More]