course delivery

About how much time will it take me to do my work each week?

This is a difficult question to answer since each student studies and learns a little differently and some students grasp some subjects more quickly than others. Our data shows the highest student success to require  2-to-3 hours daily. We recommend that you log in frequently at first to get a feel for the course and [Read More]

How do I interact with the course instructor?

Each faculty member will specify how they will interact with students. In most cases, you will interact through submitting course work, participating in discussion boards and completing group projects. You will also have direct access to faculty members through email and phone.

How are classes structured?

Each class lasts six weeks and is organized in learning modules. The modules vary in length, but they typically have learning materials such as lectures and reading materials and also an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned. The exact organization may vary from course to course, but all courses will be easy to navigate.

Are tests online or do I have to go somewhere to take them?

All tests will be administered online. You will not have to travel to take a test. In fact, you’ll never have to visit a campus. We are 100 percent-online from application to graduation.

Can I start a class any time?

We start courses seven times a year. Once you are in a class, you can access the course materials any time of the day.

How will I interact with other students in my class?

Just like classes are different when offered face-to-face, each online class may be a little different. Sometimes faculty will make use of discussion boards; others may use blogs or video posts.

Can I take more than one class at a time?

Not at this time. Our courses are brief and intense, and last just six weeks. It’s been our experience that given the intense, focused nature of the class, that students do better taking one class at a time and then moving on to the next course.

How long do classes last? (semester)

Classes are six weeks long. There is a one-week break between classes.

Do I have to log in at specific times?

Every class requires a pre-test that is completed within the first four days of class. We recommend students “attend” class on a regular schedule. If you set aside the time on your calendar and plan for it, it will be easier to stick to it and complete your assignments. The courses are designed to allow [Read More]

How does the college know that I’m doing my own work?

You will be required to log on to the course and to confirm who you are while you are completing your work.

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