degree requirements

Is there any way to test out of any of the classes I need to take?

We currently do not offer the option to test out of a course. However, if you have taken a test before, perhaps at another institution, we will evaluate your scores to see if we can give you credit. Inquire with your academic success advisor if you have specific questions about previous tests you have taken [Read More]

How do I know what classes to take first?

All of our students take a first, free class called eVersity Engage. This is a short course that introduces you to eVersity and helps us get to know you so that we can better guide you in your education. Part of that course is completing your educational degree plan with the help of an academic [Read More]

What classes will be offered to start with?

The classes that are available depend on when you start and what credits you transfer in to eVersity. Your academic success advisor will help you determine where to start after you complete Engage.

Do I have to take College Algebra?

No. Students at eVersity take a math course called Quantitative Literacy that is focused on providing math skills that you will likely encounter in the real world. Where College Algebra asks you to solve polynomial equations and solve for X, Quantitative Literacy teaches you to read charts, understand statistical reports that you’ll encounter in the [Read More]

Do I have to take the eVersity Engage class?

Yes, every student will take the eVersity Engage course. We have designed this course to build a strong relationship between the student and eVersity. You may have read or heard that we believe we are a different type of university, and this class is one way we are different. Instead of just tossing you into [Read More]

Do you have an example of what an online course looks like?

To see an example of a course, we encourage you to apply and begin our eVersity Engage, first class. You may apply and enroll in this first course, all with no charge. Try us out and see if this is the right choice for you.

Do I need to be admitted into a degree program before I start taking courses?

No. Everyone applies for general admission to eVersity. During your first course, eVersity Engage, we’ll talk about your educational goals, career goals, previous academic experiences, and identify which of our degree programs is right for you. By the end of the course, you will be placed into a degree program and ready to take your [Read More]