How do online classes work?

We think you’ll love eVersity’s online format. Your instructor will be from a University of Arkansas System institution. You will have other students in your class. Just like an on-campus class, you’ll have learning assignments and demonstrate what you learn through projects, tests, or other activities. The difference in an online course is that you [Read More]

How do I know what classes to take first?

All of our students take a first, free class called eVersity Engage. This is a short course that introduces you to eVersity and helps us get to know you so that we can better guide you in your education. Part of that course is completing your educational degree plan with the help of an academic [Read More]

What classes will be offered to start with?

The classes that are available depend on when you start and what credits you transfer in to eVersity. Your academic success advisor will help you determine where to start after you complete Engage.

How do I know which credits will count toward my degree?

We can take a look at an unofficial transcript and give you a pretty good idea of what credits will count. Ultimately, the only way to give you a final answer is to review your official transcripts and have a conversation with an academic success advisor. We will do that as part of the onboarding [Read More]

How do I apply for financial aid?

We will introduce you to eVersity and the resources available to you during your first free online course called Engage. During that course, we’ll provide information about lots of resources to consider for financial assistance. For example, you should check with your employer to find out if tuition assistance is available. There are also many [Read More]

Can I use a Pell grant at eVersity?

We’ll talk about financial aid during your first free course, called Engage. Once you are admitted into a degree program, you may be dually enrolled with the University of Arkansas at Monticello. Eligible students may be able to receive a Federal Pell Grant for enrollment and costs of attendance through the University of Arkansas at [Read More]

What is eVersity Engage, and why do I have to take it?

eVersity Engage is part of our effort to rethink college. Many colleges simply admit you and put you in the first class and then treat every student exactly the same. The truth is each student brings different skills, strengths, and goals. eVersity Engage is a free, one-credit course where we spend a little time getting [Read More]

How do I apply for financial aid?

During your first course-Engage- we’ll talk about many types of financial assistance and how you can apply for different options.

Do I have to take the eVersity Engage class?

Yes, every student will take the eVersity Engage course. We have designed this course to build a strong relationship between the student and eVersity. You may have read or heard that we believe we are a different type of university, and this class is one way we are different. Instead of just tossing you into [Read More]

Do you have an example of what an online course looks like?

To see an example of a course, we encourage you to apply and begin our eVersity Engage, first class. You may apply and enroll in this first course, all with no charge. Try us out and see if this is the right choice for you.

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