How do I interact with the course instructor?

Each faculty member will specify how they will interact with students. In most cases, you will interact through submitting course work, participating in discussion boards and completing group projects. You will also have direct access to faculty members through email and phone.

What types of help and support will you offer me if I’m having trouble in class?

You will have access to lots of support. For example, you have access to your instructor and your academic success advisor. We also want you to know that we will actively review your course work and activity, and we will try to prompt you when we see you’re having trouble. Our goal is to catch [Read More]

Who teaches the classes?

Classes are taught by faculty who teach for the University of Arkansas System institutions from all over the state. You’ll receive the same quality of instruction as you would if you were attending class at one of our brick-and-mortar campuses.

Are there tutors available for math?

If you are experiencing problems in a class, you should always talk to the instructor. Your academic success advisor is also a great resource and will be able to offer suggestions to help you. Let us know if and when you have questions. We’ll be checking in with you, too!

If I don’t understand an assignment, how do I get help?

You should contact your instructor.

Will I have access to my faculty member if I need help? (professor, teacher, instruct)

Yes. Each faculty member will tell you how to reach them at the beginning of each course.