online learning

How will I interact with other students in my class?

Just like classes are different when offered face-to-face, each online class may be a little different. Sometimes faculty will make use of discussion boards; others may use blogs or video posts.

What are some of the challenges of online classes?

Online courses offer many of the same challenges as face-to-face courses. You have to be prepared to engage with the material, you have to find time to study, and you need the discipline and commitment to do college-level work. Online courses do require you to be a bit more independent, they require you to be [Read More]

How are online classes graded?

Like face-to-face courses, each faculty member determines the grading method for their particular class. The grades you earn will be based on the quality of the work you submit.

How are online classes different than on campus classes?

All courses are similar to face-to-face courses in that your instructor will be a University of Arkansas System institution faculty member and the rigor of the course will be equivalent to similar on-campus courses at University of Arkansas institutions because eVersity courses were created for online delivery from existing courses at those institutions. So, the [Read More]

How do online classes work?

We think you’ll love eVersity’s online format. Your instructor will be from a University of Arkansas System institution. You will have other students in your class. Just like an on-campus class, you’ll have learning assignments and demonstrate what you learn through projects, tests, or other activities. The difference in an online course is that you [Read More]