student success

About how much time will it take me to do my work each week?

This is a difficult question to answer since each student studies and learns a little differently and some students grasp some subjects more quickly than others. Our data shows the highest student success to require  2-to-3 hours daily. We recommend that you log in frequently at first to get a feel for the course and [Read More]

How are classes structured?

Each class lasts six weeks and is organized in learning modules. The modules vary in length, but they typically have learning materials such as lectures and reading materials and also an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned. The exact organization may vary from course to course, but all courses will be easy to navigate.

What are some of the challenges of online classes?

Online courses offer many of the same challenges as face-to-face courses. You have to be prepared to engage with the material, you have to find time to study, and you need the discipline and commitment to do college-level work. Online courses do require you to be a bit more independent, they require you to be [Read More]

What types of help and support will you offer me if I’m having trouble in class?

You will have access to lots of support. For example, you have access to your instructor and your academic success advisor. We also want you to know that we will actively review your course work and activity, and we will try to prompt you when we see you’re having trouble. Our goal is to catch [Read More]

What percent of people drop out of the program or college?

That’s difficult to answer since we have just started this program. Our goal is to prompt students as soon as we see a problem that might keep them from being successful. We offer support and assistance to address problems you may experience, so we anticipate that our retention will be high.

What is the faculty-student ratio?

We were designed with student success in mind, and we take all of the necessary steps to ensure our students have appropriate academic support, regardless of the enrollment.

What deadlines do I need to keep in mind?

At the start of each course, review your syllabus and make note of the important dates. Update your calendar and stay focused on meeting those deadlines. Also, don’t forget to make sure payment for each course is taken care of before the start date of the class.

Are there tutors available for math?

If you are experiencing problems in a class, you should always talk to the instructor. Your academic success advisor is also a great resource and will be able to offer suggestions to help you. Let us know if and when you have questions. We’ll be checking in with you, too!

Can I work at my own pace?

Courses are designed so that the learning objectives can be covered within a six-week period. All students are required to substantiate enrollment in each course by completing a pre-test within the first four days of each class. After that, you can choose when and where you log on during the week; but weekly progress is [Read More]

Can I take more than one class at a time?

Not at this time. Our courses are brief and intense, and last just six weeks. It’s been our experience that given the intense, focused nature of the class, that students do better taking one class at a time and then moving on to the next course.

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