technical support

What if I have technical difficulties?

If you have technical difficulties, please review We also recommend that you contact your instructor to let them know you are having difficulty. There will be directions how to do this once you are enrolled in the course.

What types of help and support will you offer me if I’m having trouble in class?

You will have access to lots of support. For example, you have access to your instructor and your academic success advisor. We also want you to know that we will actively review your course work and activity, and we will try to prompt you when we see you’re having trouble. Our goal is to catch [Read More]

What resources are available to me as an online student?

Online students have access to many of the same resources as face-to-face students. You have access to your professor, your academic success advisor, to a library, and to other support services.

What do I do if I have equipment problems and I can’t turn something in on time or I can’t take a test?

If you encounter trouble, contact your professor as soon as possible, and ideally before the deadline passes. The more documentation you can provide, the better. Your academic success advisor can also help you navigate unexpected challenges along the way.

What kind of response time can I expect if I have a question or a problem?

Our instructors and student supporters understand the importance of timely responses. We will try and get your questions or concerns answered promptly, and most will try to answer your question before the end of the next business day.

Who do I call for help after I’ve enrolled?

It depends on the kind of help you need. A good place to start is your academic success advisor, who can always direct you to the correct resource if you don’t know exactly who to contact. Your instructor will provide you with help for specific questions related to the course. We also have help for [Read More]