Can I use the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship at eVersity?

No. This is another reason why eVersity has worked so hard to keep our tuition at one of the lowest rates in the country.

Are there any scholarships available for eVersity?

We currently do not have scholarships, but there are a number of scholarship programs outside of eVersity. We will guide you to consider multiple financial resources during your first course with us, Engage.

My grandparents are my legal guardians. Do I use their information on my FAFSA? (financial aid)

No, if your grandparents have legal guardianship through the courts, you are considered an independent student and will file your FAFSA based solely on your information.

I have lived with my grandparents all my life, but they are not my legal guardians nor have they adopted me. Who do I file my FAFSA information on? (financial aid)

You must file using the information from your parents. If your parents are not married to each other, you must file on the parent who has provided the most support for you in the past year.

Will eVersity notify my student loan lender that I’m back in school so that I may qualify for an in-school deferment? (financial aid)

Because we are not yet approved for participation in Federal Student Aid Programs, your enrollment in eVersity will not qualify you for an in-school deferment. However, once you complete the Engage course and you’re admitted into a degree program and begin those courses, then the dual enrollment with the University of Arkansas at Monticello will […]

Will eVersity tuition payments qualify for tax credit? (financial aid)

Students pay tuition to the University of Arkansas at Monticello campus during their enrollment in a degree program. 1098-T forms are issued from the University of Arkansas at Monticello campus.

Can I use my University of Arkansas System employee or dependent discount to attend eVersity?

Yes, benefits-eligible employees or their dependents may use the discount as defined by the University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees policy, just as you may use the benefit at any other campus.

Does eVersity allow senior citizens 60+ years of age to attend for free?

No, the University of Arkansas System eVersity is exempted by state statute from offering free tuition to students sixty years of age or older. This is because the institution does not receive any funding from the legislator.

How do employees of eVersity alliances receive their discount?

Employees of the alliances need to go to their Human Resources Offices. There they will get a 5 digit code that they will enter on the eVersity admission application. If they have already completed the application and did not enter the 5 digit code, send Steven Howell an e-mail with the student’s 5 digit code […]

I haven’t filed my taxes for last year. Can I complete the FAFSA?

Yes. You can complete your FAFSA with estimated figures and check that you will file your taxes. However, as soon as your taxes are submitted to the IRS, you should correct your FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Process.

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