How long will it take for me to get a bachelor’s degree if I’ve never been to college before?

If you commit to our schedule of starting a new class every seven weeks, you’ll be finished in less than six years.

Do you offer any graduate degrees?

Not at this time.

Who do I call for help after I’ve enrolled?

It depends on the kind of help you need. A good place to start is your academic success advisor, who can always direct you to the correct resource if you don’t know exactly who to contact. Your instructor will provide you with help for specific questions related to the course. We also have help for […]

Once I earn my degree, what will my diploma say?

Your diploma will be from the University of Arkansas System eVersity.

How can I tell if eVersity is a good fit for me?

Selecting the right educational institution is important, and we understand there are many excellent choices. The first step is determining if we offer the degree you want. If we do, then I would encourage you to apply and continue the conversation with one of our academic success advisors. We strongly believe we are different from […]

Can I get credit for life experiences?

Not at this time.

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