How do I post and reply in a discussion board?

To post to a discussion board, access the link via the course menu or from within the weekly folders. Select the create thread button from the top left menu.  A text editor will open up that allows you to create a message.  Press submit to post the message as a thread to the discussion board.  […]

Will employers recognize an online degree?

A recent survey of employers found that 79 percent of employers have hired someone with an online degree in the past year.

How are online classes graded?

Like face-to-face courses, each faculty member determines the grading method for their particular class. The grades you earn will be based on the quality of the work you submit.

Are there group projects?

Some courses will require group work. Our faculty and staff determine if group work is an effective method of teaching the material and helping students learn. If group work is required, group members connect digitally.

Can I start a class any time?

We start courses seven times a year. Once you are in a class, you can access the course materials any time of the day.

How are online classes different than on campus classes?

All courses are similar to face-to-face courses in that your instructor will be a University of Arkansas System institution faculty member and the rigor of the course will be equivalent to similar on-campus courses at University of Arkansas institutions because eVersity courses were created for online delivery from existing courses at those institutions. So, the […]

How do I interact with the course instructor?

Each faculty member will specify how they will interact with students. In most cases, you will interact through submitting course work, participating in discussion boards and completing group projects. You will also have direct access to faculty members through email and phone.

What technology/programs/software do I have to know how to use to be successful?

Hardware • Desktop computer or laptop with webcam and microphone      ○ Tablets and cell phones are not recommended for coursework.      ○ Chromebook devices may not allow for the installation of additional software required for specific classes. • 2GHz or higher processor speed • 2GB or greater memory (RAM) • 30GB or greater available storage • […]

What if I have technical difficulties?

If you have technical difficulties, please review https://eversity.groovehq.com/knowledge_base/topics/contact-support. We also recommend that you contact your instructor to let them know you are having difficulty. There will be directions how to do this once you are enrolled in the course.

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