Is there any way to test out of any of the classes I need to take?

We currently do not offer the option to test out of a course. However, if you have taken a test before, perhaps at another institution, we will evaluate your scores to see if we can give you credit. Inquire with your academic success advisor if you have specific questions about previous tests you have taken […]

What if I have technical difficulties?

If you have technical difficulties, please review https://eversity.groovehq.com/knowledge_base/topics/contact-support. We also recommend that you contact your instructor to let them know you are having difficulty. There will be directions how to do this once you are enrolled in the course.

How will I interact with other students in my class?

Just like classes are different when offered face-to-face, each online class may be a little different. Sometimes faculty will make use of discussion boards; others may use blogs or video posts.

What if I need to temporarily withdraw from the program? (drop, leave)

We understand that sometimes life events happen that require you to change plans. Naturally, we want you to remain enrolled so you can reach your educational objective, but our academic success advisors will work with you to exit the program and develop a plan to return.

How are online classes graded?

Like face-to-face courses, each faculty member determines the grading method for their particular class. The grades you earn will be based on the quality of the work you submit.

Are there any scholarships available for eVersity?

We currently do not have scholarships, but there are a number of scholarship programs outside of eVersity. We will guide you to consider multiple financial resources during your first course with us, Engage.

Are tests online or do I have to go somewhere to take them?

All tests will be administered online. You will not have to travel to take a test. In fact, you’ll never have to visit a campus. We are 100 percent-online from application to graduation.

Will employers recognize an online degree?

A recent survey of employers found that 79 percent of employers have hired someone with an online degree in the past year.

How are classes structured?

Each class lasts six weeks and is organized in learning modules. The modules vary in length, but they typically have learning materials such as lectures and reading materials and also an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned. The exact organization may vary from course to course, but all courses will be easy to navigate.

What deadlines do I need to keep in mind?

At the start of each course, review your syllabus and make note of the important dates. Update your calendar and stay focused on meeting those deadlines. Also, don’t forget to make sure payment for each course is taken care of before the start date of the class.

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