Can I work at my own pace?

Courses are designed so that the learning objectives can be covered within a six-week period. All students are required to substantiate enrollment in each course by completing a pre-test within the first four days of each class. After that, you can choose when and where you log on during the week; but weekly progress is […]

How and where do I get my books?

All needed course materials are provided within each class. You will not be required to purchase books.

How does the college know that I’m doing my own work?

You will be required to log on to the course and to confirm who you are while you are completing your work.

How long will it take before I know if I’m accepted? (admit, admission)

Normally we should be able to tell you the result of your application in just a few days. As soon as you submit your application we need to acquire your high school transcript and then we can make the admission decision upon receipt of your transcript.

Do I have to log in at specific times?

Every class requires a pre-test that is completed within the first four days of class. We recommend students “attend” class on a regular schedule. If you set aside the time on your calendar and plan for it, it will be easier to stick to it and complete your assignments. The courses are designed to allow […]

Can I take more than one class at a time?

Not at this time. Our courses are brief and intense, and last just six weeks. It’s been our experience that given the intense, focused nature of the class, that students do better taking one class at a time and then moving on to the next course.

Will eVersity credits transfer to another college?

Transferring credits is the decision of the receiving institution you’re transferring to. So you’ll need to check with the school you’re transferring to in regard to what may be accepted in transfer and what course meet their requirements.

What kind of computer and internet connection will I need?

Hardware:nDesktop computer or laptop with webcam and microphone (tablets and cell phones are not recommended for coursework)n2GHz processor or highern2GB or higher of memory (RAM)n30GB or higher of free storagenWindows 7/Vista or higher operating system (for PC)nMac OS 10.6 or higher operating system (for Mac)n nSoftware:nMicrosoft Office 2007 or higher (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)nAdobe Flash […]

How long do classes last? (semester)

Classes are six weeks long. There is a one-week break between classes.

Can I take classes if I’m still in high school?

No. At this time only high school graduates are permitted to enroll in courses.

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