Week 1: Get Off to A Good Start

Well done! You’re kicking off Week 1 and we’re excited you’ve chosen to spend the next six weeks with us. It’s going to be a whirlwind of new information in a short period of time, and we wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. Many other students just like you are making it happen and they wanted to share some advice:
  • “Study, read as much as possible, ask questions, take notes and have faith!!
  • “Print the syllabus and stay ahead of the material.  Make time to study for the quizzes and don’t wait to begin the wrap ups on the due dates, some of them are time consuming and will require quite a bit of writing.”
Want to refresh your computer skills? Navigating your course and finishing your assignments could require some brush up on your end. Here are some resources that come highly recommended: Questions? Contact Your Advisor  Advisor contact info: advising@eversity.edu  ||  (844) 837-748 Use Your Time Wisely  We know you’re busy that’s why you only take one course at a time.   We designed it this way and our students agree, it’s a lot easier to focus on achieving the course outcomes one you are working on one course at a time. This accelerated timeline means you should be prepared to login frequently (we recommend daily) to interact in discussions, access course materials and complete assessments. We find that students who spend more time doing this earn a higher final grade.